For an athlete who wants to enhance his/her performance stacking of supplement becomes quite important. Winstrol stacking is an important thing to do. Stacking any supplement with any other is not the right option but stacking the right steroids with the right one is important. A winstrol stack can be designed for a cutting and dieting phasing or for a muscle bulking or muscle growth phase. The dosage and the frequency of dosage and drugs combined with each can differ depending on the expected results. There are a number of steroids that are commonly stacked with winstrol depending upon the purpose and desired effect.

Stack for beginners

A beginner winstrol stack may last eight to twelve weeks and it combines one to two drugs that are used in a cycle. The winstrol stack for beginners or for a cutting/ dieting phase is:

  • Week 1 through 8- equipoise (400 mg weekly)
  • Week 1 through 12- testosterone (500 mg weekly)
  • Weeks 7 through 12- winstrol (50 mg daily)

If one considers these dosages to be high then they can decrease the dosage and see how the body reacts to it.

A winstrol stack for muscle growth is a little different and also takes advantages of other steroids, growth hormones or drugs that are designed in order to reduce the side effects.

  • Week 1 through 14- HGH
  • Weeks 5 through 8- primobolan depot (100 mg weekly)
  • Weeks 8 through 12- winstrol (10 mg daily)

You can also design one’s own winstrol stack for better performance, speed, endurance and exercise capacity. In such a case the dosage of winstrol has to be 50 mg either every day or every other day.

These are the types of stacks that can be made but the supplements that are commonly stacked with winstrol are:

Winstrol primobolan stack: Primobolan is a useful supplement for an athlete that is the reason it is used by athletes. Its alkyl structure differs from that of other steroids; it helps winstrol to become less toxic to the liver and also less androgenic. Primobolan is remarkable when combined with winstrol and has the ability to stop muscle wasting. The two combined together also make a good cutting cycle.

Winstrol Anavar stack– when Anavar and winstrol are combined together it can help to produce a fabulous lean physique. These two steroids have a lot of similarities but it is advisable to use the injectable form of both together rather than the oral steroids. The combining of these steroids together produce good results for athletes.

Regardless of the fact that whatever one may stack with winstrol but stacking of winstrol with testosterone is very important and it is one of the most common steroids to be stacked with winstrol. Stacking of winstrol is safe for the females to take as teh effect of winstrol is less so women can take atleast 10 mg every day without having to face any negative symptoms. Winstrol stacking really becomes important.