DBS Bank of Singapore has vowed that it will provide power to 100% of its buildings across the country by using solar power and renewable energy by the year 2030. Once the target has been achieved it then aims to roll out this same plan across all of its operations overseas too.

The first steps are said to be the installation of a series of solar panels at its Changi business park building before it moves on to procuring renewable energy certificates from several different solar power companies located in Singapore.

Green living and providing an eco-friendly country is one of Singapore most notable targets, and a survey conducted by Western Union found that Singapore is the 6th greenest and most energy-efficient country in the world, and the 1st in Asia as a whole. The green plan which was launched in 1992 is the blueprint of the countries sustainability and environmental renewal policy. The country is now well on its way to meeting its target of zero waste to be put into the landfill by the middle of the 21st century.

With the environmental targets and the creation of a better place to live, DBS’s forward-thinking role shows just how seriously the country as a whole is taking the challenge to make a better world for its people to live in.

The Banks project is being spearheaded by their sustainability council and is in line with 2 of the United Nations 4 sustainable development goals, which are sustainable and clean energy and climate action. The banks pledge to run operations using 100% renewable energy may well pave the way for other businesses to follow suit and shows that while progress may at times be slow, it is happening none the less.

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As DBS is Singapore’s largest bank, it recognizes its role and duty of leadership and the role that it can play during this large and complex transitional period.  Heading towards a low carbon economy which is powered by clean, green, and renewable power sources is not only a great way forwards, but also is the right thing to do both for the environment and the people of Singapore.

Over the coming 12 years, there will be a lot of work put into actioning the bank’s plans, but by joining RE100, which is a global energy campaign and led by the Climate Group along with the CDP, reaching the targets should be made easier as the influential powers join forces to put the pledge into action.

Working in harmony with the green mark scheme that aims to awards buildings that take advantage of economical and environmentally friendly practices, DBS may well help speed up the transition of many major businesses across the city-state. To be green is to be clean, and to be clean is to be seen. The following few months will see development of DBS Banks plans being put into effect and marks  the continuation of Asia’s greenest city becoming even greener.

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