If you are in the market for new living room furniture, and the space you intend to fill is rather small in size, the pieces you select will make in impact on the comfort you obtain when using this room. There are several options available in maximizing living room space simply by selecting the right furniture options. Here are some ideas to consider.

Use Seating With Storage Spots Available

Picking out armchairs and sofas for sale edmonton that have storage areas incorporated right into the pieces of furniture will help to save space in the living area. Some couches and chairs come equipped with fold down trays with areas to stash magazines, television guides, remote controls, and reading glasses. A chair with an added cup holder will allow for the elimination of a coffee table in a living room strapped on space. 

Keep Extra Seating Out Of Sight

If there will be no need to have seating for several people available in the living space at all times, a sectional sofa is an option to consider. A piece of this type of sofa can be stored in another room in the home for times it will need to be utilized. Another option is to use folding seats, beanbag chairs, or large cushions for times when guests will be present.

Match Colors With Walls And Floors

When looking for sofas for sale edmonton, keep in mind that this will likely be one of the main focal points of the room. To make a sofa blend into a small space without feeling as if it is taking too much of it up, try matching the color of the piece of furniture with the existing wall and floor colors. This will help to make the room feel more expansive. Seating pieces can be a bit of a different hue or shade so it does not feel as if the room is monotonous. A patterned piece will also break up the color scheme slightly without altering the feeling of space in the process.

Opt For Stowaway Storage Spots

Instead of purchasing a coffee table and a bookcase, a coffee table with shelves incorporated into the bottom portion of the piece of furniture allows for the elimination of multiple furniture pieces. These shelves can also be used to hold knick-knacks, eliminating the need for shelving on walls in a small room. This will free up space, making the room feel larger as a result. Another option is to purchase an ottoman with a removable lid portion. The interior can be used to hold books, compact discs, DVD or Blu-Ray discs, or video games, game consoles, and controllers. This will again, free up much-needed space in the living room while allowing for the storage of necessary belongings in a spot where they will not be in view.