It’s an achievement for a company founded in 1988 to still be actively building homes and communities in 2018. That’s the record of DCR/Phoenix Homes, however, a firm that has developed more than 7,000 residential lots for its own use and for sale to other builders and successfully built more more than 4,500 homes. Founded by Cuckoo Kochnar, who still serves as president, the company grew out of his recognition that Ottawa was poised for growth.

Developing with Ottawa

Kochnar recognized the need for a development company that catered to smaller builders. His vision has never wavered. For 40 years, Phoenix Homes has been at the forefront of Ottawa area growth and development, and has expanded into commercial and retail as well as apartment construction and rental operations. 

From the beginning, Kochnar, who is an engineer by training, was committed to a broad scope of development,  sustainable practices, preservation of natural sites, and the use of natural materials. That commitment continues today throughout the firm’s wide range of efforts, whether new subdivisions, infill lots, larger estates or diverse other interests. 

Green and Sustainable

In 2011, Phoenix Homes built an advanced “Green Tech” model in the Heritage Hills subdivision that led to a recent sustainability initiative with students at Carleton University. The partnership will work on ways to realize even greater green benefits in construction. Throughout the entire product line of bungalows, townhomes, condos and single family homes of all sizes, Phoenix Homes strives to remain true to the concepts at the company’s founding. It builds homes to meet the needs and respond to the desires of real people — for beauty, energy efficiency, comfort, quality and durability.

In 2005, the company established a separate facility for granite and hardwood flooring fabrication, growing partially from the need for reliable quality and sustainable materials. Today, the company has exclusive agreements with granite mines in Brazil and India, and it warehouses extensive stocks of granite and wood used to fabricate finished products that conform to its high quality and sustainability standards.

The Future of Growth


Those concepts represent more than talking points. Phoenix Homes subscribes to the same principles on the corporate level. It promises to be the first Canadian company to deploy a fully integrated wireless Enterprise Software System that will seamlessly connect all aspects of company operation through a single software solution.

It’s high-tech, it’s innovative and forward-thinking, and it promises to facilitate better communication and more effective management for a company that continues to grow and develop. It also promises to allow DCR/Phoenix to continue to play a major role in growing modern-day Ottawa.