A specific moment of incident that occurs along with you throughout a particular some time and as soon as it takes place, you receive a feeling this has happened along with you before, however, you don’t remember exactly when or where. This, my pal, is Deja Vu. It’s a kind of experience that all people have had sooner or later of your time within our lives. Individuals couple of seconds where we’re feeling the experience is really real and shut to all of us also it reminds us of something which we may have previously seen.


Who Will get Deja Vu?

People, at occasions, do not know where they’re obtaining a flash of something which may have already happened together before. It’s believed that about sixty-six per cent from the people in this country have observed these feelings sooner or later of your time within their lives. Seniors are less inclined to have it and those that really are a age bracket of 15-twenty five years tend to be more vulnerable to it.

Dream Connection?

You will find lot a lot of things which are kept in our subconscious so we discover their whereabouts during our sleep which is called dreams. When you are getting a flash of Deja Vu, the mind teaches you something stored much deeper to your subconscious. Deja Vu includes a link with the dreams although not fully. In lots of unsolved mystery tales, dreams and Deja Vu includes a mention too.



Individuals have a thought that whatever flash of something they have that reminds them of something already happened together before may be linked to reincarnation. So, anything you saw may have been a peek at an earlier existence. There’s no denying the truth that we’ve had lives prior to the one we live at this time and every one os us has some or another memory from the previous existence stored deep in to the layers in our subconcious.

Other Dimension

Our existence nowadays is an extremely effective phenomenon so we exist parallel with other dimension that’s beyond our awareness. Sometimes, our subconscious may put on the parallel dimension or even the Continuum which provides you with a feeling of sense of living something already before.

Things to believe?

There are lots of theories surrounding Deja Vu and also the more you will read them, the greater you’ll find yourself in the middle of information that you can’t possibly fathom. Deja Vu is much like getting a peek at your subconscious when you’re fully aware doing all of your activities. It is a type of phenomenon that could affect anybody. Every speculation that surrounds the idea is intriguing and it is among the many unsolved mystery tales that you can only speculate about.