HGH is an important hormone in the body secreted by the pituitary gland. It secretion peaks during adolescence and depletes as age advances. This is a very essential for the overall well being of an individual.

The genetics of a person also depends on how much is secreted in each individual. If the secretion is low during the growing years of the child, dwarfism may set in, secondary male/female characteristics may not set in and if there is an over secretion gigantism may take place.

Medication, chronic diseases and advanced age also hampers the secretion of the growth hormone. But this can be set right with the intake of HGH enhancing pills or powders. There are herbal enhancers and there are HGH rich other products which are consumed to increase the secretion of HGH. There are also synthetic HGH available in the market.


Using Human Growth Hormone – A comprehensive knowhow

The usage of HGH pills for men over 50 is subjective as they every individual has different fat and muscle ratio and reacts to the drug differently. More than HGH pill, injectables are said to be more effective as they start work immediately and the potency lasts for many hours.

HGH is widely used by bodybuilders for a lot of benefits such as-

  • Significant increase in muscle in a short span of time
  • Loss of fat which is replaced by muscles.
  • Increase in sex drive
  • Mental alertness is increased
  • Increase in vitality and energy

Though these are non prescription drugs they are available online for buyers where thousands of users buy and use. They are not legal too and banned by sporting authorities but widely used by athletes for the sheer prowess of HGH.

How the HGH works after it enters the body

Different vitamins and minerals along with amino acids form the basis for the development and growth of hormones. Growth factors such as IGF-1 etc are boosted too. The peptides and enzymes essential for body growth are increased with the use of HGH.

HGH is not FDA is not approved as there have been no human trials done and have been conducted only on animals. So, human results can be seen on the reviews set up by websites which sell HGH pills and HGH supplements. The testimonials show you before and after images and how they proceeded with the dosage and workout sessions. The stacking of HGH with other steroids will help you get better results.

The results can be astounding if you are prepared to work hard and follow the dosage chart you will amazed at the fat and muscle ratio of your body before the intake of HGH and after the usage. Results are rapid and quick with visible muscle gain and fat loss.

It has to be noted that using HGH may hamper the natural growth hormone secretions in the body. So continuous intake or prolonged use should be curbed. A break should be taken after completion of every HGH cycle.