In 1996 two your people of 20 years old established a company to promote their local products. At that time Russian market was completely dominated by foreign products. All innovative health and beauty products market of Russia were imported from outside Russia. These two young guys started a company to promote local Russian products based on herbs from Siberia.

This was really like an act of revolution by these two young guys. In 5 years they had grown big, just from 3 products to producing 368 products and all of them were doing great in the market. They had started their first in-house production in the year 1999. In less than two years, in 2001, Serbian Corporation’s Research and Innovation Center came up which brought all their scientific partners of Siberian Health Corporation together.

They started their own patented products from 2007 based on Siberian herbs, which made it possible to enter the international market; although the promotion already began actively in 2004 by Siberian Health Corporation.

They are big business now

Now they are present in 20 different countries including Spain. The expansion of Siberian Health is advancing at a steady rate. They made an ultra-modern production house in 2007. In 2010, the production house was upgraded and expanded, only at a space of 3 years from opening it. Adding at 25 new products is done by the company every year also upgrading their present products at the same time.

Many people around the globe have achieved success. Most of them only have good stories to tell about Siberian Health products irrespective of their age, sex and gender, they all fulfil their dream by a steady rise in their income.

In 1996, Novosibirsk, Siberian Health Corporation was founded. From that time, Siberian Health products are developing and producing herbal products such as dietary supplements and skin care products. Baikal Lake and theAltai Mountains are the basic places where their scientific researches take place.

The company has a highly skilled network all over the world. They are very experienced networks,andthey carry out the business all around the globe through them. Also, digitally to one can buy Siberian Health Spainby ordering online.

Siberian Health is a core believerin good health. They firmly believe that good health is achievable by good care of health by everyone and herbs have all the necessary components to support good health.