Boxer shorts have been a part of the men’s world of fashion since several years. Within a few days after their introduction, they had created a great impact in the market. They still highlight a lot of buzz all around the world. Online boxer shorts in india allow the shoppers to get an exciting shopping experience with fair price, perfect fitting and quality material.  

This unique underwear style has passed several layers to take the current form. The earlier boxer shorts were a trouble for men with huge thighs as they had to readjust them constantly as they stood up. Today, they are suitable for everyone, from larger to smaller men. Thus, you can make your choice according to your tastes and preferences.

Common styles of boxer shorts for men:

Earlier, men used to have limited options for their underwear. Now, they can be left with spoilt of choices as redesigning has been done efficiently on the traditional undergarment style. You can buy exactly what you are looking for by choosing Online boxer shorts in india. At online shops, you can find enormous choices for your boxer shorts designed with different styles and materials. A few popular items seen in this category are –

  • Padded boxer shorts – They come with a padding facility in the rear. It serves various important purposes like protecting your buttocks or lifting your buttocks to boost your looks. They are very much comfortable for the cyclists or men who sit in one place for longer hours per day.
  • Biker boxer shorts – Some boxer shorts are available in the style of biker shorts or trunks. They are better for the persons with thick thighs. They are quite similar to the spandex shorts of the cyclists in terms of design. They were designed in close to the original boxer shorts. Today, their length has increased than the original style.
  • Athletic boxer shorts – This type of boxer shorts is ideal for men involved in sports as they are designed with a special purpose. They provide extra comfort and flexibility as they are made up of high quality materials like pure cotton, cotton blending, spandex, nylon and many more.
  • Low-rise boxer shorts – They have an extremely low waistband. They expose a certain part of hips rather than covering them. Thus, you can move with pleasure all they long without the feeling of sweat and irritation.