The battle between our wants and needs is constant in our daily lives. Everyone wants something that they probably don’t need or can even afford. It is okay to want something but it is better to focus on what you need.

Think of it in the case of a car. There are so many cars available in the market and assuming you need a car for commuting and although technically all cars can do that, you probably don’t want a car. Factors such as affordability may affect the choice of car thus people are opting for a used Hyundai i20 in Bangalore. With wanting a car in mind, what will help make it become something you need?

Your marital status

If you have a family to think of, you will steer away from anything luxurious and instead focus on something that’s more accommodative and comfortable. This will be determined by the seating capacity you need if you have a large family and, of course, safety precautions if you have kids to think about.

Your current occupation

Some job occupations require specific kinds of vehicles that are friendly to its working conditions. In the case of a contractor, he or she may require extra room to carry construction materials. They may also have to travel to sites that are located in areas that experience different weather conditions which makes them consider buying a truck instead as it is more suitable.

Age and special needs

A young person will be more concerned by style such as getting fast sport cars, whereas an older person will focus more on comfort. These will create a difference in choice even if the sole purpose is to move around effectively. For someone with special needs like a person who is in a wheelchair, they will focus on a car that is easy to get in and out of even without help.