Alpha dogs have notorious reputations. Many believe they are dominant, aggressive dogs looking to protect their territory at all costs. Nothing is further from the truth. In general, an alpha dog is a confident dog that calmly faces adversity. They look to control their environment and keep their pack in line. While they may show physical dominance when challenged, they are not prone to aggressiveness. 

It is not the size of the dog that determines its alpha characteristics. Smaller breeds like the shiba inu are just as likely to show dominance as their large cousin, the akita. An alpha dog is well served by time spent in doggy daycare.

When referring to an alpha dog, we are NOT talking about dogs that become violent or aggressive when stressed or confronted with new situations. Such dogs need close, personal supervision from people with whom they have developed a strong rapport. They are not ideal candidates for doggy day care as intended or unintended injuries to pets and people can occur.

The Benefits of Doggy Day Care for an Alpha Dog

  • A Pack to Lead – An alpha dog may be the only pet in its house. This leaves some dogs with an unfulfilled desire to lead. In such cases, they can become bored, leading to property destruction when left alone. In day care, they interact with many other pooches helping them to build the sense of pack that they crave. Other dogs may benefit from their interplay with an alpha dog. Learning pack behavior and understanding they are not dominant can carry over to their home environment, leading to less temperamental lifestyle.
  • Socialization – Alpha dogs tend to be outgoing, so they are good candidates for doggy day care. Unlike a dog park, an enclosed center will allow interaction without allowing a dog to bolt, creating a contentious chase situation.
  • A Change of Environment – For an alpha dog, its home is its castle. They are more inclined to show dominant behavior when protecting their home or their people. When taken out of this setting, they may become less insistent. Another side of your dog may show itself. It is not unusual to find your alpha dog has submissive tendencies. 

When signing your dog up for day care, make sure to let the attendants know that your dog has alpha tendencies. Doggy day care centers employ trained professionals who understand such dominance behavior and will make sure that your buddy acclimates smoothly.