Halal food Soto Medan is a local culinary in Medan that you should taste when you visit Medan. Medan is not only a city that provides several places with beautiful panoramas. There are other things you can enjoy in your trip to Medan. When you travel to Medan, you can also visit some areas that still have a thick local custom. In addition, many culinary in Medan you should try as a culinary tour when you come to Medan. A variety of delicious local cuisine can be tasted in Medan. One of them is Soto Medan which became one of the culinary icons in Medan.

You can do some halal food Soto Medan list research when you have some interest to try this culinairy. Soto Medan has its own uniqueness among some other types of Soto that you can find in Indonesia. Soto Medan has uniqueness because at some restaurants that serve this culinary, they have their recipes. So the culinary taste that you will enjoy at the restaurants that serve Soto Medan will vary. Differences recipe Soto Medan that exist in some restaurants in Medan sometimes will lie in the sauce, side dishes, and vegetable composition. But if you are interested in Soto Medan delicacy, some of the following places are highly recommended for you.

  1. Soto Medan RM Sinar Pagi (Sei Deli street)

Soto Medan RM Sinar Pagican gives you a culinary taste that will not be easily forgotten. This Soto Medan has a uniqueness in the delicious sauce that have it’s own unique cooking recipe. Many people have tasted this Soto Medan, even at first this Soto Medan often become the main aim when someone looking for Soto Medan culinary.

  1. Soto Bening H. Anwar Sulaiman (Brigjend Katamso street)

Soto Bening H. Anwar Sulaiman is one of Soto Medan you must visit when you want to try Soto Medan delicacy. This Soto Medan has very unique recipe that make the sauce become clear. Though in this Soto Medan the sauce is clear, but it’s still have delicious taste form spices used in it. When you try this delicacy, you can also have variety kind of meat as its side dish.

  1. Soto Medan Jalan Riau (Riau street)

Soto Medan Jalan Riau has stood for a long time and has been famous as Soto Medan with unique special delicacy. This Soto Medan has been established since before the Indonesia’s independence. The characteristic of Soto Medan Jalan Riau is a pale yellow sauce, the use of a minimalist spice, but still gives the feel of a distinctive flavor.

  1. Soto Pak Haji (Sun Yat Sen street)

Soto Medan Pak Haji has been established since more than 40 years. The characteristic of this Soto Medan is in the fresh sauce with combination of chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, and fried onions.

That is some halal food Soto Medan recommendations you can use when you try to find Soto Medan culinary. Soto Medan has different characteristics than other Soto in Indonesia. Characteristic is the sauce containing coconut milk with savory taste and rich in spices. This unique local cuisine will surely welcome you well when you visit Medan.