Lots of people turn to vaping thinking that it is safer option to normal smoking. But people are not conscious that e-cigarettes aren’t as safe because they can be. A research shows that e-cigarette vapors contain various chemicals with addictive qualities, resulting in potential dangerous effects around the heart and lung area. Although e-cigarettes don’t contain actual nicotine smoke like cigarettes, they still have the possibility to result in an inflammatory reaction in heart and lung area, quite much like traditional smoking.

Roughly 250,000 youthful adults who’d never smoked within their existence attempted e-cigs in 2013, based on the Cdc and Prevention (CDC). Even celebrities, from musicians and actors to models and socialites, are vulnerable to smoke e-cigarettes, either to handle a demanding situation in order to only have fun.


Here are a few celebrities who’ve had their fans surprised at vaping in public places:


The actor-singer, that has earned the unflattering status from the Tinseltown’s queen of controversies, makes her presence felt like a celebrity hooked on vaping. Lindsay was initially spotted smoking e-cigarette this year by reporters around the group of her movie Extra. Thinking about her troubled past that saw her participate in pursuits like consuming and stealing, vaping didn’t appear to become a serious concern on her because of the misconception that vapes aren’t full of tobacco or any other dangerous chemicals.

Paris Hilton

Creating herself like a well-known businesswoman, socialite, television and media personality, model, actress, singer, DJ and author, Paris Hilton is really a trendsetter. Therefore, when spotted vaping at nightclubs and public facilities, it didn’t go undetected through the media. Her dependence on e-cigarettes began when her father objected to her smoking traditional cigarettes, which motivated her to discover the “safer option.”

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The Actor-brad Pitt

A symbol for a lot of, The Actor-brad Pitt includes a lengthy listing of die-hard fans who follow his style and attitude blindly. He’s also one of the primary ones to possess began vaping much prior to the trend grew to become a rage. However, he doesn’t vape when both at home and at public facilities, therefore ensuring he isn’t promoting the popularity anyway.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Jack Dowson of Titanic stole many hearts together with his rustic character. Broadly acclaimed to be elegant and polished in the real existence, Leonardo DiCaprio vapes in social circles. However, he is doing it for any purpose. Based on reports, vaping helps him overcome his anxiety and nervousness. But that’s certainly his misbelief, like millions.

Taylor Lautner

The cold and stoned but passionate lover, the vampire Edward from twilighting also made headlines for vaping and dancing simultaneously, as observed in a relevant video released through the actor. Reports claim that Pattinson resorted to vaping to be able to stop smoking.

Leading a medication-free existence can be done

Smoking harms an individual both emotionally and physically. Detoxing may be the first line for treating smokers. Along the way, people are given medications and therapy to eliminate withdrawal signs and symptoms – varying from the mild headache towards the severe delirium tremens (DT). Detox is most effective to get rid of the traces of nicotine. But it might not do enough to assist the individual confront the need to smoke that also lingers using the patient. To start with, an individual fighting addiction is generally prescribed medications to lessen cravings, but gradually, other nutrients, for example vitamin B1 supplements and folate, are administered to improve the general health