In recent years, with the rapid socio-economic development, office level has been significantly improved, video conferencing has been widely used. Video conferencing system can transmit video and audio information in real time, so that collaboration members can be long-distance intuitive, real video and audio exchange, has been used in network video conferencing, collaborative office, online training, telemedicine, distance education and other aspects.

Video conferencing market status quo

With the video compression coding and transmission technology is gradually mature, video coding and communication devices increasingly rich functions and the popularity of the network, high-definition video conferencing system is rapidly becoming an important government and business information communication. HD video conferencing system is through the image and voice communication real-time communication technology, scattered in different regions, the decision-making people gathered in the video conference space, shorten the distance, speed up the exchange of information dissemination, catalytic decision-making speed, improve work efficiency , And be able to compress the associated travel and conference fees. With the rapid development of related technologies such as video compression coding, especially the introduction of H.323 protocol, video conferencing is applied to government, finance, telecommunications, education, military and other fields, for the information age government and business communication A revolutionary breakthrough.

Video conferencing in the market there is a big advantage, such as the use of convenience, cost savings, these advantages will be the main pillar of its development. China’s video conferencing market is currently experiencing unprecedented opportunities for development, government-level and enterprise users is the main driving force of the video conferencing market; small and medium-sized enterprise market has great potential, and will become a new hotspot in the video conferencing market growth; Network high-definition products have also been a breakthrough, this year’s video conferencing technology advances and lower prices, to promote the domestic high-definition video conferencing systems widely used.

China Video Conference Market Size

Although the overall video market in China in recent years will continue to maintain a steady growth, but the development potential of different market segments are not the same. For the video conferencing market segmentation market, benefit from the overall market growth, its growth in the next five years will maintain steady growth, the basic rate of growth consistent with the overall market. For video conferencing terminal segmentation market, the development potential of different products vary widely. From the market scale, conference room video conferencing products will still occupy an absolute advantage. Benefit from the rapid development of desktop collaborative market, personal video conferencing market in the next five years will also grow steadily.

Cloud video conferencing features and advantages

Traditional video conferencing mode

At present, the development of video conferencing market still faces many challenges, for example, for small and medium-sized customers, video conferencing system deployment of a large one-time investment, and the late maintenance costs, as a major factor in suppressing market development. However, after the emergence of cloud mode, will remove the large number of small and medium-sized hardware costs into the troubled, reducing the use of video conferencing services business threshold.

Cloud video conferencing mode

With the development of society and the continuous progress of science and technology, video conferencing users gradually increased, the technical requirements of video conferencing has also been improved, lower cost, more convenient, better experience cloud video conferencing should be born. Compared with the traditional video conferencing system, cloud video conferencing to simplify the construction and operation process at the same time, leaving the video conferencing with a clear personal characteristics.

Now business users only need a browser, you can in the company, family and any time, any place, any equipment to enjoy the service, to achieve business-to-business, business-to-consumer communication, truly “video everywhere” vision The This is the common feature of cloud computing for the entire industry: lower cost, more convenient service, more friendly experience.

Cloud video conferencing applications gradually become the trend

For a long time, government procurement and financial, energy, telecommunications and other monopoly industry users has been the main driving force of China’s video conferencing market. These users have a large number of branch offices and centralized decision-making, which determines the procurement of video conferencing systems with a large amount of one-time procurement, product safety and stability requirements and the general use of self-built network system, these industries after years Development, the market has basically stabilized.

China’s small and medium enterprises about 11 million, fast communication and improve efficiency is also being more and more enterprises that is the survival and development of enterprises an important factor. In this context, SMEs have become a new hotspot to boost the growth of video conferencing market. Different from the monopoly industry users, small and medium enterprises due to the existence of less capital resources, lack of professional and technical personnel, the frequency of the meeting is not high, it is impossible to invest in video conferencing equipment to invest a lot of money, managed leasing mode will be small and medium enterprises video conferencing market The main operating mode. Cloud video with low cost, low input, convenient and other advantages, to meet the business, especially small and medium enterprises video communication needs

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