Indonesia has been one of the countries that offer the beauty of nature through its tourism places. One of the regions in Indonesia which is well known by its natural attraction is Denpasar. This city is the capital of Bali which already familiar in tourism. As Bali is known by its natural attraction such as the beach, the temple, and historical places, Denpasar also becomes a special region that you should not miss. Bali is always busy by the visits of tourists. The tourists are only from the domestic area. They also come from foreign countries that are attracted with the beauty of the city. In this capital city, there are some attractive tourism places that you should know. If you are planning about to have a vacation, this capital city of Bali will be a perfect destination. You may see some recommended places so that you only need to study little bit about the details of your destination for vacation.

With the hot and humid weather, this city will be so perfect to visit. During your trip to some tourism places, you will not worry about the changes of weather.  This beautiful city only has two seasons, wet and dry. For the best choices in visiting all tourism places in Denpasar, you may take the Denpasar city tour in travel agent. You may also choose the right travel agents by searching the information for domestic services near the city. In these following points, there are some tourism places that you can visit during the vacation.

  1. The Shark Island. This place quite attracts the tourists to enjoy the vacation by swimming together with the shark. The exact location of this island is in east of shore Serangan Islands. Sometimes, people call this place as Serangan Shark Island. It is a nice place as the conservation of black and white tip shark reef.
  2. Sakenan Temple. This place is also attractive to visit. You may see historical building which is famous in Denpasar, Bali. This place is also familiarly known as ‘Pura Sakenan’. There are two main temples in this place. The building of the temple is also seen like the old coral stones.
  3. Bajra Sandhi Monument. This monument is located right in front of the Bali’s governor office. You may see a beautiful diorama gallery in second floor of monument. It will tell you about history of Balinese. The history will also explain how the struggle of Balinese to fight for their indecency from the Dutch. If you really pay attention, the story might be started from Balinese’s life on 300 BC.

So, it is true that the capital city of Bali hides so many beautiful places. It even tells you the important history of the Balinese through the building. The animal conservations are also hold in this great city. If you plan your vacation in this city, you may get the best moments. Again, do not worry about the weather. If you need to know about the weather changes, just try to access the information of Denpasar weather hourly.